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As one of the leading production and development companies in the aviation industry, we stand out thanks to our core competencies – engineering, quality and manufacturing (EQM) – and thus give our customers a crucial competitive advantage in a keenly fought market.


We develop your competitive advantage through innovative solutions.


We guarantee the highest quality standards through state-of-the-art processes.


We produce at the highest precision using the latest manufacturing technologies.


Solution-oriented working methods – even taking into account the strict requirements seen in the aviation industry, our team is able to find customer-oriented solutions and implement them according to specific demands. Functionality and quality factors are considered at all times here.

From simple washers through to complicated mechanical assemblies – SACS Aerospace ensures that all projects are implemented in a success-oriented way thanks to its accumulat-ed expertise and many years of experience. In addition to increasing development in the environmental field (e.g. REACH), the use of 3D printing technologies is also growing constantly. Faster verification of development steps is possible thanks to prototype construction using 3D printers, testing capabilities with climate chambers, and machines for testing tensile and compressive strength.

SACS Airplane
Engineering Services :
  • Build-to-print
    Manufacturing of assemblies/components based on customer requirements derived from 2D/3D models
  • Design-to-build
    Development of turnkey installation solutions according to the interface requirements of our customers
  • Build-to-spec
    Development and production of standardized components
SACS Airplane
What we offer our customers:
  • Inspection of customer construction documents for suitability in production
  • FMEA in design (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis)
  • Creation of in-house design kits at SACS Aerospace according to customer model or construction documents
  • Definition, planning and implementation of necessary certifications and ap-provals involving customers and authorities, including the FAI and in series production
  • 3D printing and prototype construction via in-house technology department
  • In-house verification tests during the development phase
  • Life cycle monitoring
  • Climate chamber
  • Machine for testing tensile and compressive strength


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Quality at the highest level – SACS Aerospace stands for durable, high-quality system assemblies and product assemblies made in Germany.

We carry out a systematic feasibility study as early as the tendering phase while taking into account all applicable quality requirements. By using innovative quality management tools, we are able to identify potential sources of errors in good time and avoid them. By connect-ing together product and process FMEA, potential functionality issues can be ruled out – including in series production. 100% quality: The successful implementation of a zero-defect strategy is possible thanks to fast quality control loops in production, technical planning and reliable quality management in all manufacturing areas.

SACS Airplane
What we offer our customers:

In-house innovation and technology center with qualification support – right up to the start of series production via QTP / QTR in cooperation with our customers:

  • Machine for testing tensile and compressive strength
  • Salt-spray chamber
  • Climate chamber
  • Product endurance test (statics test, dynamics test)
  • Vibration test
SACS Airplane
Use of the latest measuring techniques and applications throughout the en-tire manufacturing area:
  • Latest CAQ software
  • Development of in-house testing methods and quality control equipment
  • Broad range of testing equipment, from special testing equipment and development support all the way through to complete testing in manufacturing
  • Delegated Inspection (RID/SID)
  • Six Sigma
  • Professional management of testing equipment with a portfolio of over 2,200 pieces of equipment


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High-precision manufacturing – SACS Aerospace uses state-of-the-art five-axis milling ma-chines, three-axis milling machines and CNC lathes. Integrated measuring stations and per-manent, IT-logged measurements with defined test instructions are standard practice. Our MES system means we can intervene in the manufacturing process flexibly and respond to customer requests. All production data is completely transparent and can be viewed and analyzed at any time. Exact predictions and planning are then possible.

SACS Airplane
  • Hard metal (titanium)
  • Soft metal (alloy)
SACS Airplane
  • Turning
  • Milling (soft short bed)
  • Milling (hard short bed)
  • Sheet milling
  • Laser beam cutting
  • Sheet machining, bending and punching
  • Heat treatment (aluminum)
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT)
SACS Airplane
Fast jobs:

Faster delivery times and AOG deliveries are possible as all production steps are combined under a single roof. Dedicated resources and production sequences are assigned to “Fast Shop” orders.

SACS Airplane
Toolmaking (development and production):
  • In-house toolmaking for accelerating development and series launches, and reducing costs
  • Fast reaction times thanks to 3D printing, among other aspects
SACS Airplane
Process qualifications:
Joining Techniques:
  • 80-T-34-3050 Tightening of Screws and Nuts
  • 80-T-34-5822 Installation of NAS Blind Rivets and MS-/NASM- ans EN Blind Bolts
  • 80-T-34-3200 Pressing and Insertion of Bushes and Bearings
  • 80-T-34-3700 Installation of Bearings and Bushes  by Heating and/or Cooling
  • 80-T-30-9910 Drilling, Reaming and Countersinking of Rivet and Screw Holes
Installation, Manufacture, Fabrication:
  • 80-T-32-2321 Dimpling of Sheets for Attaching Parts
  • 80-T-34-5661 Installation of Spherical Plain Bearings
  • 80-T-34-3000 Installation of Anchor Nuts
  • 80-T-33-3111 Laser Beam Cutting of Metallic Materials
Heat Treatment:
  • 80-T-36-1010 Heat Treatment of Aluminium
Paints, Coatings, Filler, Sealant:
  • 880-T-35-5218 Application of Elastic Protective Coatings
  • 80-T-35-5904 Assembly with Duroplastic Anti-corrosion Compound, Chromate-free
  • 80-T-34-9600 Application of Sealing Compounds
  • 80-T-35-9023 Preservation of Rivet Rows
  • 80-T-34-5803 Wet Installation of Fasteners
  • 80-T-34-9033 Bonding with Adhesives on Silicon Basis
Non Destructive Testing:
  • AITM6-6004 Determination of electrical conductivity of aluminium alloys by eddy cur-rent method


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SACS Airplane