SACS Aerospace




There’s a plane taking off every second, somewhere in the world. As a future-oriented production and development company, SACS Aerospace GmbH (Solid Aerospace Connecting Systems) sits in first class. We climb aboard with experience, expertise and a great deal of creativity in our bags, ready to deal with all challenges – and even turbulence – on our onward journey. Every day, a team of experts in the fields of aerostructure, interiors and standard hardware handles innovative solutions – from single components all the way through to system assemblies. The very latest in manufacturing technologies and effective supply-chain management permit precision at the highest level.


We stand behind the name SACS Aerospace. We write history together. We offer you a solid platform so your career can really take off in the booming aviation industry. Our international environment allows for exciting jobs, not to mention a great deal of freedom for personal and professional development.


We interact with our colleagues, trust each other and are willing to share both success and failure. We deliberately use our strengths for the team which leads to an ideal result. We support and supplement each other; we are helpful and cooperative. We do not loose focus of our corporate mission and strive to reach it every day.Together we will achieve more.


Our work is built on the appreciation of our customers and colleagues. We trust our colleagues and offer them honest and constructive criticism. We listen to each other and provide support as well. Our behavior has the goal of gaining the trust of customers and colleagues and to cater to their requirements to the fullest extent.


We are committed to our colleagues, work and customers. To have a measurable share in the company’s success, we offer our skills proactively. While doing so, we display the corporate values in our thinking and actions in an exemplary fashion and promote these values in others. We work at our future with passion and commitment every day.


We state our goals in a measurable and specific manner. We consider time and capacity factors in our planning. With experience, competence and creativity we accept new challenges and tackle them unitedly as one SACS Aerospace. Our ambitious approach enables us to ensure our corporate vision every day and to implement new ideas, inspirations and solutions. We are successful together.

SACS Airplane